Element Descriptor

In the age of voice controlled inputting etc, good old-fashioned touch typing is a dying art. It still has usefulness though, saving time and energy.

Level descriptors

You have basic typing without looking at keyboard all the time (F and J for forefingers! but your speed isn’t great and you make)You can touch type (i.e. not looking at keyboard), but not at high speed or accuracy. “I live like I type – fast and with a lot of mistakes” is your motto.You can type at high speed and accuracy for relatively short periods of time when you are not tired and you are concentrating on the task at hand.You are a touch typist with v. high levels of accuracy at high speed. What a dinosaur skill, eh?!

Element Overview Essay

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The reason that people aren’t quicker types is they weren’t taught it in school. And they see it as an irrelevant skill, which you could argue it might be given that I’m not typing this essay. I am speaking it and it is being transcribed by some AI. Oh, the ironies

The consequences are that people hunt and peck and they type slower than they otherwise would, which can be frustrating for them and other people.

The solution is simply to take a touch typing course and to get your typing speed up to an acceptable level. But, again, I’m not 100% sure that this is worth talking about.

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