Are you sick of organisations that go up like a rocket and come down like a stick, taking your hopes and energies with them?

The whole predictable and sordid process, which usually unfolds over two or three years (hello XR) is immensely destructive of morale, credibility and the possibility of future action.

There are many reasons groups fail (over-ambitious, easily co-opted, easily repressed etc), but one of the reasons that doesn’t get much acknowledgement is that too many of the core skills, knowledge and relationships are held in too few hands.

Those with those skills, that knowledge and those relationships are not always keen to share them, and the broader membership may not even know that such things matter.

The point of the Active Citizenship Toolkit is to make it easier

  • to see these bottlenecks and constraints (the two are not, though, the same thing) in the first place
  • to make it easier to overcome them/compensate for them once they’re named

That’s it. Nobody gonna get rich, nobody gonna get famous. Species still be doomed. But you know, let’s be the best version of our doomed selves, yeah?

You can read the latest blog posts about the project here (and yes, it’s the same as the link to the menu bar.)

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