Element Descriptor

Being able to use Twitter well – good tweets, hashtags, threads etc makes it easier to find other organisations and people who share (more or less) your aims. Knowing when to mute will save you time. Bad Tweeting costs you credibility.

Level descriptors

Has a twitter account, has added a profile picture and even sent a couple of tweets. and confidently use all its features (including Direct Messaging etc)Is able to RT, MT, add effective hashtags. Knows who to follow/unfollow etc and is able to use twitter both to send and receive useful information
Able to do basic live-tweeting
Is able to contribute meaningfully to conversations on twitter,
live tweeting with zero preparation about things you don’t know well
Manages multiple twitter accounts, schedules tweets etc. Can get things trending locally. Tends to “win” wars in the twitterverse, #fwiw

Element Overview Essay

This is a draft. If something doesn’t make sense, or you see typos, or if you have further ideas, please email us on contact@activecitizenshiptoolkit.net

The reason Twitter is underused as a political platform is that there’s a lot of pressure There’s a lot of data smog. It’s easy to get involved in arguing on the internet. People don’t necessarily have all of the awareness of the different things that Twitter can do.

And the consequences are that the platform is under exploited, especially around live tweeting of events, for example. 

So the solutions are to make a detailed study of the ways that Twitter has been used, both for political mobilisation, but also more importantly, for movement building, in the UK, in Australia, in other countries, and see what lessons have been learned, to keep innovating and to see if you can get better at this.

(esp useful around live tweeting)

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