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Local authority documents are very rarely produced to give an accurate picture of what is going on and could be done. Certainly not the ones for public consumption. They are exercises in bluff, bluster, concealment and brightsiding. Failing to understand that will lead to wasted time and energy.

Level descriptors

You can read a council document and, with time and prompting, spot where the inconvenient facts are buried (on a footnote on page 17, with a shifted baseline), and what is NOT being talked about.You are adept at scanning all the documents for a meeting , and retro-engineering them to see what is actually going on, going wrong, and how scrutinisers are being directed towards some issues and assumptions and away from others (whether this is a conscious or unconscious strategy on the part of the report authors). You are able to prioritise a list of questions and comments about these reports.You can scan many council documents, including on issues you’re not particularly familiar with, and figure out what is actually going on, the hierarchy of what the authors don’t want you to know, don’t want to ask, how they will respond to standard questions and which ones might force them to be straight(ish) with members of a committee. (but not members of the public – that’s a ninja level thing).The mere suspicion that you will be on the case means that the authors of council documents don’t bother with their usual obfuscation and tosh, knowing they’re gonna get caught anyway. You can point to a documents silences and evasions while catching up on Netfllix shows.

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So the reason that this has done badly is that people assume that an official document is somehow the truth and the authors of the official document want to inform you know, they do not for the most part, they want to, at best get you thinking how they’re thinking. and at worst, they want to confuse and demoralise you. And they will do this if you let them.

So the consequences of you reading official documents badly or not at all, is that you can’t even contest their lives and their framings which means their lives and framings will Continue to prevail. And how’s that working out for us? Not very well. 415 parts per million.

The fixes are to understand what I’ve just said. And to keep remembering it because official documents have this asymptotic aura, they always seem to be taken much more seriously than they should. Because people are invested in every way in the status quo. Financially, psychologically, cognitively. And we’re just trapped. We’re caught in a trap, we can’t walk out. We can’t go on together with submissive minds.

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