Element Descriptor

Journalists are busy, and a short, punchy press release sent at the right time can catch their attention and make them curious about your issue. Not having excellent press release skills is going to make media attention that much harder to come by.

Level descriptors

Can write a basic press release, about a relatively straightforward topic from a template, in a few hours with only minimal assistanceCan write a punchy and eye catching press release about a complicated topic with just enough information to have the journalist not short-changed, but wanting to contact you for more info, with zero mistakes with less than an hour to play withCan write, with minimal preparation, an intriguing and inflammatory-but-just-this-side-of-libel press release which explains a complex issue succinctly, with a killer soundbite quote, when failure would result in wasted time, lost morale and general Bad Things.Can dictate an entire flawless press release about a Gravity’s Rainbow style issue while simultaneously doing the direct action which is the subject of the direct action, while hotly pursued by Council lawyers and riot police trying to prevent you from Saving The World with your words.

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