Element Descriptor

A good leaflet or pamphlet – not too many words, not too much jargon, well laid out, lends credibility to a demo and might – just MIGHT – give the recipient enough encouragement/interest to find out more and even, gasp, get involved. Bad leaflets cost plausibility

Level descriptors

With plenty of advance notice, and with basic familiarity with a couple of basic software packages and following a template, you can design a not too flashy or wordy (less is more) leaflet or pamphletWith little advance notice and only one not great software package, you can whip together attractive, attention grabbing and clear leaflets and pamphlets that have people going ‘thanks’.With no advance notice, and only an old dodgy version of Word and Paint, you can put together striking leaflets that get the nod of approval from cynical old hacks and graphic design gurus.You’re like an expert, only more so. Your designs end up being spoken of in hushed tones and find their ways into those coffee table books sold at ridiculous prices to guilty hipsters with a penchant for Les Evenements.

Element Overview Essay

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The reason leaflet design is done badly is people are too close to their subject. They’re convinced that they need to get certain information across and that once other people have read it, the scales will fall from their eyes. The person reading the leaflet will put down everything else they’re doing and join the movement. And so therefore it is crucial to include 10 key facts…

No, no, no.

The consequences of badly designed leaflets are that you waste time and money and paper. But also, it’s demoralising to hand out a leaflet that you think is badly-designed and over-wordy. And the last thing you want to be doing is demoralising people who are willing to hand out leaflets. Of course leaflet handing out may not come back thanks to Coronavirus.

So the fixes are. Keep it simple stupid if you have a piece of A5 paper, do you really want more than sixty words on it? Do you really? Who’s gonna read that? Only people who are already sold on the issue, who are not your target demographic: you are handing out leaflets to complete strangers. And unless you are in a location, such as a festival or a political event, then no …

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