Element Descriptor

Cometh the day of the election, you really need to Get Out the Vote so that you turn promises of support into actual ballots in the box. There are tactics for this, but they need deploying…

Level descriptors

You can do a small amount of knocking up, on streets you know well, from a clear list.You can do a large amount of knocking up, on unfamiliar streets, following a not alway clear list.You can lead teams doing knocking up in areas not particularly familiar, using lists which aren’t always what you want or need them to be. Your candidate scrapes over the line, but will either be corrupted or sidelined, because everybody knows the good guys lost, ‘kay?You are like an expert, except you simultaneously live tweeting and instagramming the whole show, for the lulz.

Element Overview Essay

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So, the reason this is done badly is that, as with hustings, elections are relatively infrequent. The process of knocking up refers to matching the people who have voted with those who said that they were going to vote and making sure people who said that they were going to vote are reminded, encouraged, assisted to go out and vote.

The consequences of doing it badly. You don’t mobilise your vote. The other guy might go, and you lose. And you don’t get to have your snow in the truck. Sorry, you don’t have the honour of representing the people capital T capital P. Trademark pending

Solutions are 

Talk to people who have done knocking up before 

Think of it as a project with a load of sub skills, sub routines, equipment required, and perhaps dry run it as well.

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