Element Descriptor

Instagram is more than photos of meals (at least some of the time. Being able to create and – shudder – ‘curate’ eye-catching stories is a useful campaigning skill. Not having means you don’t get the attention of the foodies…

Level descriptors

Has an Instagram account, has added a profile picture and even put up some stories. and confidently use all its featuresIs able to use Instagram well Knows who to follow/unfollow etc and is able to use it to both to send and receive useful information
Able to do basic live-instagramming
live instagramming with zero preparation about things you don’t know well
Is able to contribute meaningfully to conversations on instagram,
Manages multiple instagram accounts, schedules posts etc. Can get things trending locally.

Element Overview Essay

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The reason Instagram is not better used by non hierarchical smaller Groups active citizens is that it’s a relatively niche skill. And Instagram is mostly it seems used for putting up pictures of food and flowers.

The consequences are that you miss out on this platform as a way of garnering more attention and support for what it is you’re doing, which is a pity, because you need all the platforms and channels that you can get hold of

The solutions are to have good graphic design and good image manipulation. And to get these images onto your Instagram and to follow the right people, etc, etc.

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