Element Descriptor

Being able to do things to existing images is useful for layout, satire, spoofing etc.

Level descriptors

Use GIMP/photoshop to make basic changes to an image (add speech bubble, transpose heads)
Understands vectors versus raster
understands jpg/gif/png
able to generate “memes” from online templates
Able to make complex changes to an image, correcting for scale, colour, orientation, with some help/advice.Able to capture, manipulate/spoof images so they appear, to the naked eye, unchanged. Able to help novices and practitioners develop their skillsInstantly and efficiently create spoof images, from different formats, under time pressure, passing on skills to lesser mortals in ways likely to “stick”.

Element Overview Essay

This is a draft. If something doesn’t make sense, or you see typos, or if you have further ideas, please email us on contact@activecitizenshiptoolkit.net

The reason this is done badly is that people are either not familiar with image manipulation packages or they’re too familiar and take too long to get a basic job done.

The consequences are that we miss out on some fun spoofs of movie posters and all the rest.

And the fixes are to just get in there and make some basic spoof images for shits and giggles.

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