Element Descriptor

Unless you’re independently wealthy, you’re going to have to get some money. Fundraising via bake sales and quiz nights is good, but getting grants is also a thing. Not having this skill – less money (but perhaps more independence!)

Level descriptors

Able to fill in one simple grant application, cutting and pasting from previous applications, about pages etc, with plenty of time and a bit of helpAble to fill in a lengthy grant application that would intimidate a newbie, providing detailed documentation in the language that is likely to get success.Able to fill out lengthy and complicated application forms on not-very-much notices, aware of the sorts of things that get funded by organisation x or y, and able to help new people fill in simple/lengthy application forms.Able to cobble together excellent applications on short notice, teaching more junior people the mechanics and the hidden buzzwords how to avoid the traps for the unwary. Able to learn quickly from both successful and failed applications

Element Overview Essay

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One reason grant applications are done badly is they’re boring and often done at the last minute. And you end up doing a lot of cutting and pasting because you resent the whole process. Which doesn’t really help your cause.

The consequences are that you waste time that you don’t get the money that your morale suffers. And you feel generally resentful.

The solution is to figure out what money do you need, figure out what you need to say and what you need to do to get that money to make sure that your grant writing is done in advance, so that someone else can look over the application before you submit it because otherwise ultimately, you’re just wasting everyone’s time.

Good luck.

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