Element Descriptor

Cometh the election, cometh the knocking on doors and kissing of babies to get Your Candidate (who is obvs better than the rest), elected.

Level descriptors

Following a basic script, and under the direction/with the support of more experienced folks, you can try to drum up support for your candidate in mostly neutral/friendly localesFollowing a script but also free-styling, you’re able to have civil and constructive conversations with all sorts of people, while never getting drawn into time and energy-wasting slanging matches.You’re able to lead groups of canvassers, helping them gain in skills and confidence, helping them figure out when and where to lay on the charm, when and where to beat a hasty retreat.From a standing start you’re able to systematically and thoroughly canvass a neighborhood, scoring invites to speak at tenants and residents associations, and even converting folks who nominated a rival. Pity it’s for a party that will never form a government…

Element Overview Essay

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The reason this is done badly is that it’s quite an unusual thing to do outside of political parties in the run-up to election. Does it really happen? You’re then confronted also with issues around, you know when to do it, how to record information that’s GDPR compliant. What it is that you’re asking people?. The other thing that happens, of course, is those religious groups like the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who have it as an obligation to go, knocking on doors and spreading the good word about whoever, whichever bearded sky God happens to be their thing.

The consequences of not going door-to-door is you do miss out on people who would otherwise be up for supporting either passively or actively. But to whom the internet is just one big data smog they stay away from and so forth. The consequences could also be of course, that you get stuck talking to people when you’re trying to disengage.

The fixes are to start small start on streets where you’ll probably known, at least by sight, and that you can make your excuses and leave. And the other thing to do of course, is to do it in pairs and to do it with a very specific goal in mind. Whether you’re trying to either collect signatures or just give people a petition sheet, and they can then decide whether they’re going to sign it or not.

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