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Despite the sci-fi tropes, computers can be you friend. And there are a surprising number of time-saving techniques you can use to get the most out of your BBC.Vic20/Commodore 64 or whatever top-of-the-range device you now own. Not having these means you waste time and energy. And to that, computer says no…

Level descriptors

You have basic word processing skills- making contents pages, pagination etc. You know a few keyboard shortcuts. You can save files in systematic ways, and backup files easily to ‘the Cloud’You have superior word processing skills, with layout and design capabilities. You most all the shortcuts, the tricks of the trade. You use spreadsheets and powerpoint as appropriateYou are familiar and comfortable with a wide variety of software programmes, and can weigh up the pros and cons of different programmes, apps, devices for different activist tasks, without being seduced by shiny bloatware that is actually a sledgehammer to crack a walnut.You can do everything an expert does, only slightly quicker, with more elan and more ability to help folks find each other’s talents and skills and amplify them. In other languages and across barriers or race, class, suspicion etc.

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