Element Descriptor

If they think they’ve got enough to secure a conviction, or they just want to yank your chain, you may be charged with quite a variety of unpleasant things.

Level descriptors

You are able to understand what you have been charged with, its implications and what happens next without having to be told by your solicitor of the charging officer.You are able to understand what you’ve been charged with, and have an educated guess about whether the CPS is going to raise the ante or drop things altogether (and you’re ready for both possibilities)You’re able to help out the cop who is charging you when the stumble over some of the sentences. You know what the implications are of each of the charges, and where this is all going, more or less. You know where and when you’re going to need legal advice and emotional support, and where to get it from.You’re able to do everything an expert can do, only with more panache and while composing the tweets and instagram stories you’ll be sending out as soon as your paperwork is done. Don’t get cocky.

Element Overview Essay

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So the reason that people are bad at being charged is that doesn’t happen to most people ever in their life. So it comes as a bit of a shock, and they haven’t trained for it or prepared for it. 

The consequences of not being ready when you are charged, you might blurt out further information that incriminates you and other people and leads to further legal problems. And you’ll also just generally demoralise yourself more than you perhaps need to unless of course, you’ve been charged for something really serious and you did it or you know that the cops have properly fitted you up for it and that you are going to get sent down but even then,

 It might not happen and failing to keep you cool on being charged is not going to help.So the solutions are, practice it. If you think that you’re about to do something that could end up with you being arrested and then charged, practice being arrested and practice being charged. demystify the aura around it. Talk to people who’ve been through it, have them explain it.

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