Element Descriptor

Being able to make basic repairs to bikes (brakes, cables, tires etc) will save you money and give you added confidence for life, generally. Or so I’m reliably informed…

Level descriptors

Can maintain a bike to a functional degree – change inner tubes, fix punctures etc.

Would be able to perform more difficult tasks with help

Would still need to take a bike for a professional service for safety
Can perform more complex tasks – tighten brakes, adjust gears, change wheels, tyres, handlebars etc.

Would need guidance with more specific tasks, and wouldn’t necessarily know all of the jargon
Can customise a bike with new parts, or attempt to put together a whole bike if the more complex parts were integrated (sprockets, free-wheels etc.)

Can perform own basic bike service

Can teach people the basics of bike maintenance and repair
Can true a wheel, attach spokes and drink a cup of tea all at the same time

Can knock together a bike from spare parts lying around in no time at all

Can service someone else’s bike with confidence that they wouldn’t then kill themselves whilst riding it
Can teach the people in the bike shop a thing or two about bikes, and can of course give clear advice and help to anyone who asks for it

Element Overview Essay

This is a draft. If something doesn’t make sense, or you see typos, or if you have further ideas, please email us on contact@activecitizenshiptoolkit.net

So the causes of bike maintenance being done badly are that people are not very good mechanically sometimes, by the way, I’m talking about myself or too lazy to learn or to fearful that they’ll make some big mistake.

The consequences are not that terrible if you can afford for someone else to service your bike. But if you can’t, obviously that’s another barrier to your mobility. Another consequences is that you don’t gain new skills and new confidence.

So the fixes would be: start small. Learning how to clean a bank how to keep the chain in good nick, how to keep the tyres in good condition, to change a tyre, brake cables, the basic stuff, all of this is available on the internet. And also, there are classes and tuition that you can go to, even in these times of a pandemic.

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