Element Descriptor

Getting nicked is an occupational hazard if you’re doing NVDA. Knowing what to do and why, knowing what to say (pro-tip NOTHING) and having the emotional skills to do it are going to be crucial if you and your group are going to do campaigns which use NVDA,

Level descriptors

You understand why “no comment” and STFU before the formal interview is the single best course of action for you and others around you (including those who have not been nicked).You are able to resist any and all provocations to give information (whether incriminating to you or anyone else) to anyone. You know the basic tricks (good cop/bad cop, concern trolling etc) that are used, and don’t’ fall for any of them. You even find time to do yoga in your police cell. Isn’t that nice?You are able to maintain your composure and set a good practical example to all those around you as the fur is flying and the riot shields are a-banging. The police try out their latest gimmicks on you, but give up in disgust and choose softer targetsThe most experienced nutcrackers don’t bother with you. They just give you your PACE guidelines and let you out at the most inconvenient time possible, with a weary ‘see you next time’ as you stroll jauntily into the arms of your comrades.

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