Element Descriptor

Growing food is a brilliant way to remind yourself of the connectedness of life, and our civilisation’s actual dependence on a few inches of dirt. Also, you get/stay physically active, meet other folks, save money etc. What’s not to love?

Level descriptors

* Be able to dig over plot, recognise weeds. * Water plants. * Weed areas between growing plants. * Manual tasks.* Be able to recognise different veg. and fruit plants. * Thin out seedlings.Plant seeds. * Transplant young plants into growing position. * Basic understanding of composting. * Know the meaning of Organic and connection of wildlife to growing. * Basic Pest control. * Basic knowledge of construction of raised beds,and the benefit and pitfalls. * Some understanding of plants needs. * Basic knowledge of herbs. * Recognise weeds and their growing habits.*Complete understanding of pH levels of soil. (Which plants require acid or alkaline soils.) *What soil elements are required by which group of plants. *How to carry out feeding programme for plants. *Recognise most seeds. *Understand composting . *Understand catch cropping. *Full knowledge of pest control. *Know which pests cause which damage to plants. *How long veg and fruit take to mature.What time of year to plant various types of veg and fruit. *Knowledge of companion planting. *Fighting pests without the use of chemicals. *Good knowledge of pruning and cutting back fruit trees and bushes. *Understand crop rotation.*Recognise and solve the lack of elements in soil by the condition of plant.
*Adjust pH levels in soil.
*Create an area to attract beneficial wildlife.
*To organise, take control of situations as they arrive.To recognise all garden pests by the damage to crops.
*Make full use of growing area,maximising growing for crops.
*Gain through your own experience, knowledge that is not always taught.
*Site and erect garden shed.
*Erect a greenhouse to the best site to benefit crops.
*Make full use of water catchment.
*Create a composting area.
*Produce liquid plant food.
*Be sustainable.
*Plan out plot.

Element Overview Essay

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There are lots of reasons this isn’t done. One is allotments can be hard to come by. Given number of people in this country who probably want to grow their own food, given what is happening, and the lack of land because councils are flogging it off to developers alongside that, It requires knowledge of how things are grown, and the work that you have to do to help things grow. And this is specialised and cannot be read off the internet, you need to get your hands dirty.

The consequences are that fewer people grow their own food. And when eco collapse happens, we’re all going to starve. I mean, we’d all starve anyway, because roving bands of tooled up maniacs will steal the food that has been grown, but they have it. The fixes, understand that food growing is good for your wallet, but also good for yourself, and that it’s worth investing in as a thing.

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