Element Descriptor

Actions (small and big) require all kinds of planning -who is going to do what when and where, with what equipment. What happens if something goes wrong? (How) is the action going to be commemorated/communicated. Proper planning prevents piss poor performance…

Level descriptors

You are able to devise a simple small action that has a low risk of arrest/charge for anything particularly hellacious (though you can tell what the CPS will throw at you just to yank your chain).You are able to devise a complicated action for a reasonable number of people that has a medium risk of arrest/charge for things you’d rather not get convicted forYou are able to devise and execute a complex action for a number of people that has a medium risk of arrest/charge for things you’d rather not get convicted for, in the face of prolonged interest from people who see your emails before they are sent.London to a standstill? Bring down the government? All in a morning’s work, apparently. Yeah, whatever you need to tell yourself…

Element Overview Essay

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There are many causes of action planning being done badly or not at all. It’s an advanced skill, but people assume that they can get by on just contacting their friends and inviting them along. It requires proper project management skills, and thinking about different scenarios. These are all more advanced than you’d think. requires that you learn, which is most likely to be done after a decent post-mortem. And often in the aftermath of actions, if it was a success, people are too busy celebrating. And if it was a failure, people don’t want to look.

The consequences of not having good action planning skills are that actions are likely to fail or to take more time and energy than they would have otherwise needed to do so. Meaning that you have an effect on your movement’s credibility, its morale, and the availability for other things, the so-called opportunity cost.

The fixes involve taking project management and action planning seriously Making sure that people understand that this is a serious business, especially if it’s an action which might entail arrest.

And it also involves having decent post mortems done, even if or especially with external actors who have not been involved in the Hurly burly of putting the action together.

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