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Being able to help people who have been tear-gassed or beaten during public order situations is going to become one of those useful skills in the coming years, at least on current trends. Ho hum.

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You know where the first aid box is. Your community allotment hub building project DOES have a first aid box, doesn’t it?!You intervene when you see potentially unsafe things going on, preventing the need for 999 emergency calls out of a thousand.You can deal with two or three walking wounded and one not walking/very wounded simultaneously.. You are confident with CPR, snakebites and all manner of unusual and hopefully never happen circumstances.There was that time you swam out, retrieved the surfer dude’s leg from the shark’s jaws and had it half-sewed back on by the time the paramedics had arrived.
St John has put you forward for sainthood.

Element Overview Essay

This is a draft. If something doesn’t make sense, or you see typos, or if you have further ideas, please email us on contact@activecitizenshiptoolkit.net

The causes of this not being done well or done at all, is that in the UK at least of late, we have not had a culture of mass civil disobedience where the cops properly kick off (this is not meant to diminish the pain of those who have been on the receiving end, or the families of those who didn’t make it) . Related to this, in order to be an action medic, you’re going to need some training. You might already have first aid or other forms of further training. You’re probably going to need to be relatively young,  relatively physically fit and good in a crisis situation there’s blood and fear and tear gas. And not many people necessarily fit that bill.

The consequences of not having good action medic skills is that people who get injured in public order situations, wait longer to get any first aid or assistance. And their injuries can therefore be worse, more traumatic, physically and psychologically.The fixes are difficult. You’re going to need to find and train and keep trained various people who have in every sense The capacity to do this and of course you have to remember that in public order situations police (“not in the UK, of course not in Blighty!”) have been known to target action medics.

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