Meetings, online – facilitation

Element Descriptor Online meetings just like the meatspace versions can go awry without good facilitation and need more than a link sent round just before the intended time. Specific to online meetings will be understanding how to use the platform to get the most out of the time you have together, the challenges to both […]

Meetings facilitation (meatspace)

Element Descriptor Meetings, if they ever resume in the post-coronavirus world – require more than the hiring of a room and the scribbling of an agenda/putting chairs in a circle. In the absence of good facilitation, meetings will often discuss the wrong things in the wrong ways, allowing the loudest to dominate and the quiet […]

Meetings – post mortem

Element Descriptor Meetings can exceed, meet or fall short of their goals – and other things can crop up that are worth chewing on. Being able to conduct a thorough post-mortem of a meeting means you’re able to innovate/prepare better in future. Failing to post-mortem means you will learn slowly, if at all. Level descriptors […]

Meetings – reporting on them

Element Descriptor Meetings. They can be (usually are) a black hole for time, energy, morale. But they can also be spaces of reflection, connection, strategizing. Being able to report succinctly and clearly on what happened, and what might happen next, is a useful and underrated skill. Its absence means folks are flailing in the dark […]

Meetings – online – public – advertising and preparing

Element Descriptor Online meetings are a potentially valuable way of getting wider participation from the public, as they can help avoid issues like travel time & cost as inhibitors. However they come with their own challenges – dealing with technical challenges for participants, lack of ability to do self-propelled mingling, cannot offer people nibbles / […]

Workshop Delivery

Element Descriptor Even well designed workshops can be let down by delivery that is inflexible and does not engage participants, perhaps even excludes some. This is dispiriting for the individual’s (who may be able to sense this), and can test the patience of supporters. As workshops delivery might be viewed by some as a proxy […]